Gaur City Resale is an online real-estate marketplace exclusively dedicated to the resale of Gaurs mega residential township Gaur City. We are in an exclusive collaboration with the Gaurs Group for the last 06 years allowing privileged services to its clients. Gaursons India Pvt Ltd is the best when comes to Delhi NCR realty market due to its pathbreaking housing, commercial, luxury, retail and mega township projects. This portal offers a common space for both property sellers and buyers to engage, property listing, search, evaluate, and contact each other for concern business dealings. At portal, we offer an exclusive, wide-range collection of Gaur city resale properties at one place.

Our property listing includes almost every project of Gaur city township like Gaur city 1st Avenue, 4th Avenue, 5th Avenue, 6th Avenue, 7th Avenue, 10th Avenue, 11th Avenue, 12th Avenue, 14th Avenue, 16th Avenue, Gaur Spotswood, Gaur Atulyum, and Gaur Saundaryam. Besides these you can find resale properties of Gaur Yamuna City, Gaur City 2, Gaur Yamuna city 16th Parkview, Gaur Yamuna City 2nd Parkview, Gaur Yamuna City 32nd Parkview. Not just residential you can also find commercial resale shops in various prime locations such as Noida, Greater Noida West, and Gaur City.

The Gaur City 2 Resale is a real-estate web space created, operated, and maintained by a devoted team of information technology professionals. This portal is designed to serve the fast pace growth requirements of owners, sellers, vendors, investors, agents, promoters, developers, and wide-category homebuyers. We have specific customized features for both buying and selling thus helps to serve the massive real-estate market of Delhi NCR region. Everyone can utilize our services and fulfil their respective purposes of buying, selling at one single platform.

For Resale property Buyers

Our online marketplace provides an array of facilities to assist in your search for a dream house. Buyers can find their chosen best home, apartments among thousands of listed Gaurs resale properties. The portal allows you to search resale properties by the Project name, type/category-wise, and as per the various budget slabs. Such a convenient search bar helps you in browsing of properties and prevents any untoward discomfort. The portal index has an advance well-organized index where, properties are displayed by project name, category details, price structure, and clear sitemap. Further, the Details option gives you a wide-spectrum description including project, its status, type, location, price, available services, seller contact details. It also has extended project illustration, included amenities, special features, high-quality picture gallery, sitemap, and Google location map with coordinates.

For Sellers/Vendors

At, sellers have the best opportunity to list, sell and fetch a good price for their properties. We provide a virtual marketplace to all interested sellers, vendors those want to grow their businesses and desires to get a good return on their investments. Our platform gives you ideal opportunity to unlock your capital investment and also saves a lot of your valuable time, energy and money. Being an all-Gaurs reseller customer get benefitted by its exclusiveness and specific service attributes. Mostly sellers approached by their provided contact details available in our marketplace. If buyers desire a direct face to face dealing with the seller then we can arrange one such meeting on request. State-of-the-art property listing, instant contact with the buyers, and dynamic search features ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience for the users.

If users (buyer or seller) have any queries, they can post their enquiries with a detailed message by using the prescribed form in which user needs to submit personal details like name, email, and contact number.

Why opt for Resale?

Are you in pursuit of a dream home but wants to avoid prolonged 03 to 05 years delivery period of developers? or looking for a developed housing destination where all essential basic infrastructure is already developed? If yes, the resale market is your ideal choice. Resale option save you a lot of time, energy and eliminate your painful waiting for the development of project and locality. Not only this it will also remove many other underlying dangers. Sometimes, you want to settle in a particular location but the non-availability of new housing projects will direct your attention towards the resale market.

In new emerging or premium high-worth real-estate markets like Delhi NCR region, projects may have been quickly sold out. Investors mostly books at launch so that they can make sell later as the project advances here, late buyers have no choice but to engage them. At the time of launch, most projects offer booking discounts with the aim of booking profit before project completion. In Delhi NCR the early booked properties offer 05 - 20% less price than the developers latest price structure. Due to market saturation. govt policy changes, excess availability, and slack growth resale properties are easily obtainable at lesser prices.

Resale, Resale market & Resale properties

According to a market research, now consumers inclining towards ready-to-move & resale properties in comparison of under-construction properties. Long wait for delivery, project delay, developers issues puts the unnecessary financial burden on homebuyers thus paying premium on completed projects or resale is wise decision. Sometimes investor wants to exit dull market thus sellers force to opt for flexible pricing. Due to this move resale segment adversely effects the price-index for existing and new upcoming launches.

Resale properties are of two types, the independently owned ready apartments and units in under-construction projects. In this scenario, the vendor does not own the property yet but in accord with the developer granting him a ownership in future. Resale is a secondary market which is very vibrant, active and runs parallel to the primary real-estate market. The Indian realty market has massive unsold inventory with developers across metro and tier-2, 3 cities. When due to economic impact and other circumstances the real-estate market reached a point where these developers sold properties entering back into the market in huge numbers.

As per the study, Noida, Gurgaon and NCR real-estate market has more lucrative resale alternatives then Bengaluru, Hyderabad. The resale market boasts higher selling-frequency while developers often lacks this benefit. Investors want to make the profit and release their capital it will also increase market growth.