The is an online real-estate marketplace exclusively for the resale of Gaur City 2 township properties. Here, you can access to a range of services, including but not limited to online portal, mobile applications, and product and facilities at disposal of our website. we are always committed to safeguarding user's interests and deliver the best services concerning the requirements.

This Privacy Policy is subject to the term and conditions of the Website policy or can say User agreement of portal The policy is effective from the time and date a user visits the marketplace, registers, submits any personal information hereby accept the terms & conditions mentioned in the site policy.

We at value our users most, respects their privacy and pledged to safeguard it in all aspects. With a vision to provide an ultimate, holistic browsing experience to all our users may gather personal information from you. In this process, you may ask to submit your personal e-mail address or other related details. With all these concern details, we will able to deliver you the most pertinent information that meets your requirements.

In general, no user will have to require to disclose his/her identity or submit any personal details about the same. Only if the user opts for an official newsletter to get notified about the latest updates about our marketplace or seeking an enquiry about something in detail you will ask to enter the personal details in the respective format.

Please, read this privacy policy and all our terms of uses very carefully before using our services. By using online portal or its services, you consent to the collection, storage, and further use of your provided information for any services offered by us.

User information required is a resale online marketplace which provides real-time information, services to its users. We need certain personal information to customize our services which will help to optimize your visiting experience. You may ask to submit your personal e-mail address, first name, last name, sex, zip code, phone number, and a user-specific password. We also seek complete details about your property.

All this furnished information by users allows us to improve our portal and facilitate you the best user-friendly experience. All required information is an essential part of service and may utilize the concern user information to support, protect, and upgrade its services including advertising also, for developing most modern services.

Personal Information Collected

We use third-party services for online client-handling chat on our portal or app. For that purpose, your name, email, contact information is shared with the third-party provider for the chat services. This information is necessary to approve you to use the chat service. The email, contact number, name is used for both buying and selling operations through our online marketplace.

For Sellers, it is required to display their properties in the more transparent way thus helps to promote and expedite the sell more quickly. On the other hand, Buyers will get trustworthy complete details about a property which assists in decision making.

Information sharing do not share the sensitive personal information to any third-party except in the following circumstances:

Firstly, if requested or required by law of the land, Hon. court or government agency or respected authority to disclose for a number of purposes such as identity verification, or detection, prevent or investigation of cyber-crimes or prosecution of any criminal offence.

The is an online marketplace to be utilized by both parties the seller and buyer. Personal information is shared with both the property buyers and sellers to facilitate essential services for their respective business purposes.


To optimize the experience of our users we may use 'cookies' or other similar digital tools to collect information to issue every user a unique, random number in the form of User ID to identify user’s specific interests by using the identified electronic or computing device. Without you voluntarily self-identification we are unable to know you even if the cookie assigns to your device. No cookies can read data off your hard drive.

As soon as you visit our website concern servers gather limited information regarding your devices IP address, digital identity. This information is used to customize the portal as per user’s interests, to deliver requested web pages, to measure our online marketplace traffic and identify the geographical location of the visitors. A user has the choice to allow or restrict the cookies of our web portal simply by modifying the browser settings of concern device.

Your supplied personal information may also be used for targeted advertisements, product updates and all other communication applicable to your use of the online portal. completely obey all applicable Indian laws and always ready to cooperate with any law enforcement enquiries. Any future changes in respective laws are applied to our marketplace policies, term and conditions.